Wednesday, December 23, 2009

When the weather outside is snowy……..

Saturday the Philadelphia/South Jersey are got its second largest snowstorm in recorded history.  The official reading at the Philadelphia Airport was 23 inches, but at our house some of the drifting brought the total to about 3 feet.

It has been several years since we have experienced a large snowfall.  We’ve been snowbirds, hiding away in Florida and escaping the wrath of winter.  I was awed by the beauty of the snow-covered trees and bushes, the icicles hanging from the roof and the patterns the snow makes as it covers everything in sight.  Needless to say, I grabbed my camera to capture some of these wondrous sights. 

So why did we leave 80 degree temperatures to come back to the cold weather?  Well, it is a tradition we started a few years ago as we began to spend more time away from family and friends.  I guess you could say that we came Home for the Holidays which include my granddaughter Lindsey's birthday, Hanukkah celebrations , the engagement of my daughter, Melissa to Josh, and spending New Years Eve with good friends.  All good things!!!

So what does one do when you are snowbound?  Well……..I spent the day framing my Polychrome Mountain tapestry.  My hubby was kind enough to make the frames after his snow blowing duties.  (See, I even gave him some projects to keep him from getting bored.  Although, he did inform me that would soon be time Sunday Football on TV.  I guess he has earned the rest.)

I covered the frames with a layer of flannel fabric over which I put a layer of cotton fabric.  I secured each layer by stapling it into the frame.  I positioned the completed tapestry to the top frame with push pins and then stitched around the edges and into the covering with cotton thread to secure it to the top frame.  I then attached the top frame with the tapestry to the bottom frame by screwing them together from the back.  The instructions for doing this can be found on the Archie Brennan/Susan Martin Maffei website.

finished tapestry

Polychrome Mountain


Melissa said...

Nice job!!

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Looks great! Congratulations, Diane.
By the way... get in touch with me at if interested in joining with a few other in a blog adventure about the next year's project(s).

Karen Donde said...

Congratulations! The tapestry is beautiful!!

Weavin ' demon' said...


I love how your piece came out. You must be so proud of yourself. What will you do now that you are in the land of the sun? What is your next challenge?

We miss you up north.