Thursday, March 26, 2009

Making Progress

Well, I have been able to make some progress in the last few days.  I am very pleased with the effects I am getting.  The tapestry is being woven at 6 epi.  I am using 5 strands Appleton crewel wool yarn which is allowing me to mix and blend colors.  Making Progress 001

I will be taking a break from tapestry for a while to pack up and head for home in Cherry Hill, NJ.  We have had an enjoyable winter in Florida, but I am anxious to get back and resume my “other life” which includes my children and grandchildren as well as weekly meetings with my Tapestry and Weaving groups.  I will write more about these activities in later posts. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Becoming Unblocked

It has been quite some time since I last posted.  I had begun work on the Polychrome Mountain tapestry with such enthusiasm and was merrily weaving away when I discovered that I needed to unweave a section.  After doing that I was in a quandary as to how to progress with the weaving to get the effect that I wanted.  So day after day and week after week went by without even touching any yarn.  Two weeks ago I had brunch with my friend and tapestry teacher, Rita Landau, who talked me through the problem spot and now I am back at the loom and happily weaving again.  Thanks Rita.

Before unweaving section on right………….


After unweaving………….


And finally weaving again

2009 03 23 001