Monday, October 12, 2009

Apple Festival

Saturday the South Jersey Guild of Spinners and Handweavers held their Show and Sale at Kirby’s Mill in Medford, NJ.  The annual event features about 100 crafters and vendors.  The food vendors were selling apple cider, apple pies, apple donuts, apple ice cream in addition to the usual hotdogs, cheese steaks and sodas.  What an array of enticing aromas.

Several of our members, including me, arrived there at 7:30 am to begin the set up.  We hung the displays featuring the weaving and spinning talents of our members.  Some of the items were for sale while others were for display purposes only.

Our booth generated lots of interest.  April Lippet-Faczak and Nancy Turner’s spinning demonstrations attracted a lot of attention.  Trisha Goodstein brought a rigid heddle loom which was available to anyone who wanted to try weaving.  This was a favorite of the children who stopped by to watch and participate.  Rae Turner was busy felting a doll face,  I was demonstrating tapestry and Janis Hawes provided a card weaving demonstration.

 We had a great day despite some periods of rain.  The sun did came out later in the afternoon.  In addition to bringing spinning and weaving to the public eye, another benefit of the show was the opportunity to spend time with our fellow guild members.








Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Almost There

Where did the summer go? Time is just flying by. I know that tapestry is a slow medium, but putting that together with everything that comes up in life and a slow weaver…….well what can I say. It has been almost a year since I started the Polychrome Tapestry. I am now in the home stretch. I am anxious to finish it and get onto the next project which will be a small piece for the ATA small format exhibition- Enchanted Pathways.


I am not a consistent weaver. By that I mean that I weave for a while and then set everything aside for a period of time. The weekly tapestry group helps keep me motivated, but many times all that I accomplish is what I weave in the 3 hour weekly session. I am presently thinking that I will start a daily tapestry project, such as the one that Tommye Scanlon has been doing, so that I can train myself to weave just a bit each day.  Maybe that commitment will help unblock me. It seems that I get blocked when I am facing a new decision or new challenge in the course of the tapestry. Changing or blending colors, shapes, etc. Excuses, excuses. Anyway, I think that it would be a fun thing to do. I just hope that it doesn’t end up as the many attempts at journal writing have.  Or better yet….writing my blog.  I always have good intentions but…………….

Speaking of blogging….thanks to Jennifer Peavey for sharing info for getting text and pictures published  in a timely manner on her latest blog.  It usually takes me forever to accomplish this task.  Maybe now I’ll be able to blog more frequently.

Our weaving group continues to meet on Tuesdays, even in the summer.  Mary who is a prolific weaver, has just completed her latest tapestry taken from a picture she took in Philadelphia - a parking lot. She has documented the weaving of this tapestry on her blog.   She did a fantastic job.


Mary’s Tapestry


Naomi’s Tapestry 


Toby’s Tapestry


Joanne’s Tapestry