Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tapestry on Tuesdays

On Tuesday I was finally able to attend the meeting of my tapestry group.  It was great to see everyone and to catch up on their projects.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera so I will have to post some pictures at  a later date.

The tapestry group is an study group of the South Jersey Guild of Spinners and Handweavers.  The instructors are Betsy Snope and Rita Landau who study with Archie Brennan and Susan Mafei and are members of the Wednesday Group.  We meet every Tuesday from 10am to 1pm throughout the year either in Betsy’s home or Rita’s home.  We bring our own tapestry looms and work on our individual projects until 1pm.  After that we retire to the kitchen where we eat our self prepared lunches and enjoy a cup of tea.  A lovely ending to a productive day.  Of course throughout the morning we share tapestry ideas and other discussions.

Since this the first time I have been back to the group since my return from Florida, I was surprised to learn that one of my Blog followers, Weavin Demon, is Mary Roth-Davies from my group. 

I was also happy to get positive feedback on what I had done so far on my Polychrome Mountain tapestry.  In addition, I got some helpful advice on how to proceed.  I really appreciate my support group and missed the interaction when I was in Florida for the winter.  I am really IMG_0378_0935 motivated now to get on with this tapestry. 


Friday, May 1, 2009

The Thursday Pineland Weavers

Thursday I was finally able to return to my weaving group which meets at the home of Doris and Howard Boyd in Tabernacle, NJ. Howard and Doris are a unique couple who are in their mid-nineties. Howard is a leading authority and the author of several books on the Pine Barrens of NJ. Doris holds our Pineland Weavers class in the basement studio of her house. Weavers have been gathering there every Thursday for over 25 years to work on individual projects under the guidance of Doris. There was an article about Doris written by Karen Donde in Handwoven Magazine. It appeared in the MA07 issue and was titled “Our Weaving Divas.” And although Doris is no longer able to teach, the group still meets every Thursday throughout the year to share weaving ideas and much more.

We arrive there in the morning about 10am and work on our projects until 12 noon when a few of us go up to the kitchen to put up the tea kettle and set the table for lunch. We each bring our own lunch, but share a dessert usually made by one of our members. As we sit around the table we “solve” all of our problems. Discussions can be advice on recipes, politics, stories about family, even a few raunchy jokes found on the internet. Of couse we discuss weaving also. One of the highlights of lunch hour is Show and Tell when we share our completed projects with our friends. After lunch we return to the studio and continue to work until 3:00pm. Thursday is a delightful day and we each cherish the time when we can come together and share ideas.

The group has a core of 10 women, but can vary in size from week to week. We meet in Doris’ basement studio which has many looms and shelves full of colorful yarn. The pictures above will give some idea of how the Pineland Weavers spend their Thursdays.