Thursday, March 26, 2009

Making Progress

Well, I have been able to make some progress in the last few days.  I am very pleased with the effects I am getting.  The tapestry is being woven at 6 epi.  I am using 5 strands Appleton crewel wool yarn which is allowing me to mix and blend colors.  Making Progress 001

I will be taking a break from tapestry for a while to pack up and head for home in Cherry Hill, NJ.  We have had an enjoyable winter in Florida, but I am anxious to get back and resume my “other life” which includes my children and grandchildren as well as weekly meetings with my Tapestry and Weaving groups.  I will write more about these activities in later posts. 


J. Austin - said...

It's looking really good. I adore Appleton, aren't the colors delicious? For my taste, I decided it's too soft, so now I only use one strand of it mixed with other yarns.

Diane Horowitz said...

Thanks Jan.........just curious, what do you mix with the Appleton? I don't have much experience with tapestry yarns and have only used Paternayan and Appleton. I chose Appleton for this project because I can mix more colors.

Jennifer said...

Diane, I can understand why you said "I must weave this"! That is a beautiful landscape. I've only been to Glacier Bay, but hopefully one day we'll explore Alaska further inland!

Life Looms Large said...

Just discovered your blog through a comment you left of a different blog!

I look forward to learning more about tapestry from you by following along on your adventures!!


Diane Horowitz said...

Thanks Jennifer and Sue for checking out my blog.