Thursday, April 19, 2012

My "New iPad" and Tapestry

This week I have become the owner of the New iPad or iPad 3. There is so much to learn. I am having a great time acquiring Apps. One of these is BlogPress. So I thought I would try to post an entry on my long neglected blog.

Today while at the weekly meeting of our Tapestry group, I decided to try out the camera feature of the iPad. To my amazement it takes beautiful pictures. I also am trying to navigate my way with iPhoto. So I will try to share with you some of the works in progress by our members.

Betsy working on a tapestry project for the Wednesday Group

My tapestry of my granddaughters.

Deena working on a beautiful flower tapestry.

Mary's abstract tapestry of tree bark.

So let's hope this entry works when I try to publish it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Doris’ Girls

In past blogs I have mentioned my Thursday Pinelands Weavers Group.  Sadly, our mentor and friend, Doris Boyd passed away on December 9, 2009.  A few years ago Karen Donde, one of Doris’ Girls and a contributor to Handwoven Magazine, wrote an article about Our Weaving Diva’s.  Doris was one of them.  Karen has given me permission to share this story.  Please read it on Karen’s Blog….Karen Donde Handworvens.

And while you are visiting Karen’s blog take a look at some of her other posts which include pictures of her beautiful creations.  Karen  is now the co-owner of sutherland, a handweaving studio and gallery in the River Arts District in Ashville, NC. If you happen to be in that area, please stop in and say hello to Karen and tell her Diane sent you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

When the weather outside is snowy……..

Saturday the Philadelphia/South Jersey are got its second largest snowstorm in recorded history.  The official reading at the Philadelphia Airport was 23 inches, but at our house some of the drifting brought the total to about 3 feet.

It has been several years since we have experienced a large snowfall.  We’ve been snowbirds, hiding away in Florida and escaping the wrath of winter.  I was awed by the beauty of the snow-covered trees and bushes, the icicles hanging from the roof and the patterns the snow makes as it covers everything in sight.  Needless to say, I grabbed my camera to capture some of these wondrous sights. 

So why did we leave 80 degree temperatures to come back to the cold weather?  Well, it is a tradition we started a few years ago as we began to spend more time away from family and friends.  I guess you could say that we came Home for the Holidays which include my granddaughter Lindsey's birthday, Hanukkah celebrations , the engagement of my daughter, Melissa to Josh, and spending New Years Eve with good friends.  All good things!!!

So what does one do when you are snowbound?  Well……..I spent the day framing my Polychrome Mountain tapestry.  My hubby was kind enough to make the frames after his snow blowing duties.  (See, I even gave him some projects to keep him from getting bored.  Although, he did inform me that would soon be time Sunday Football on TV.  I guess he has earned the rest.)

I covered the frames with a layer of flannel fabric over which I put a layer of cotton fabric.  I secured each layer by stapling it into the frame.  I positioned the completed tapestry to the top frame with push pins and then stitched around the edges and into the covering with cotton thread to secure it to the top frame.  I then attached the top frame with the tapestry to the bottom frame by screwing them together from the back.  The instructions for doing this can be found on the Archie Brennan/Susan Martin Maffei website.

finished tapestry

Polychrome Mountain

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


At long last I have finished my Polychrome Mountain tapestry.  I started it last November.  I woven it from a picture I took at Denali National Park in Alaska several years ago. It measures 12 1/4” H x 14” W  and is woven at 6 ends to the inch with 5 strands of Appleton tapestry yarn. 


Why, you ask, did it take me so long to complete this work?  Well….I am the world’s worst procrastinator.  I can pass the loom many times a day and yet for some reason won’t sit down and weave even a few passes.  It’s not that I don’t like weaving, because when I get immersed in it, I just love it.  So in order to cure myself of this affliction, I have decided to set goals for myself.  Starting in January I will keep a tapestry journal (such as Tommye Scanlin has been doing) and give myself some structured deadlines.   I will make these monthly goals, maybe weaving one small project a month. The loom is already warped for this ongoing tapestry diary.  I am considering having a theme for the entire year’s weaving.

I also have a loom warped for the small format exhibition sponsored by the America Tapestry Alliance in conjunction with the Handweavers Guild of America’s Convergence in New Mexico in 2010.  The theme of this exhibit is “Enchanted Pathways”.

The cartoon is already marked on the warp, but I wouldn’t let myself start weaving until I completed the mountain.  There is a deadline of March 15, 2010 for submission of the project.  Since I will be sending the participation fee in by January 15, 2010 and because several of my tapestry group members are also entering the exhibit, I will feel the pressure to get this completed and in the mail on time.

So now I will begin the finishing process.  I will trim all of the ends in the back, make some fishing touches on the front and secure the warp threads.  I will then cover a wooden frame ( made by my husband) with flannel and then another fabric over it.  The final step will be to sew the tapestry to the covered frame.  And Voila….the tapestry will be completed.IMG_1269